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ARABESQUE - decoration of the tunnel at Fredericia Station, 2004.

udsmykning af Fredericia Stations gangtunnel The wall decoration is impressed on large, ceramic tiles, painted with coloured glazes, was made in connection with the renovation and modernisation of Fredericia Station.

The decoration is an arabesque, a winding elongated script that becomes interrupted before continuing again.
The arabesque consists of several small signs, an alphabet of "primeval signs", that in various combinations form patterns, movements and pauses.
The colours - the glazes - are signs, large signs, point, comma, line, which show the long movement through the tunnel. The colours both break up and comment on the movement of the arabesque.

The arabesque is considered an illustation of this special place, where people move to and fro on expeditions from one place to another.

It is about speed and motion, writing, rhythm, and pattern. And of flow and form that appear, meet and diappear again.

In passing you might catch a rhythm, a pattern, an outline of something - a story.

The relief is done at Tommerup Keramiske Værksted. The development of the large ceramic tiles was made in cooperation with this workshop.

Client: DSB

detail of the decoration

detalje af arabesk-frisen

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