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Architectural ceramics
- Brick design and ornamentation

Danish Centre for Architecture - Gammel Dok
10th of August - 21st of September 1997
water stairs

view from the exhibition, Gl. Dok 1997
view from the exhibition, Gl. Dok 1997

From the exhibition catalogue:

This exhibition presents my suggestions for the areas of modern building and urban spaces where I think it obvious to go in depth, to work with the detail - to ornament.

In my work I am interested on the one hand in exploring the pssible constructions that bricks naturally form, and on the other hand in going to the limits of what one can shape using bricks. Working with natturally occuring shapes as opposed to abstract geometrical shapes, soft shapes as opposed to shaped ones.

Relief in brickwork offers the opportunity of exploring the effects of ligth and shadow and qualities of different surfaces, e.g. the coolness of plastered brickwork and its shrpness when ligth falss on it, the depth and play of the hard baked brick. And the life that can be found in the small varation of repetition, the pattern.

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relief carving entrance

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