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Outline proposals for variations on city furniture
for Porcelænshaven 2009

variation af bymøbel

In recent years, I have been working on the concept of urban furniture in brick and its varied functions in the townscape, ranging from the user-friendly to pure sculptural design, and how the furniture may be used in several places in a neighbourhood to serve as both links within and a comment on, the area.
Funded by a grant from the Arts Foundation, I have made an outline proposal for Porcelænshaven, the area around the old porcelain factory at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
Porcelænshaven, with its very special qualities rooted in both past and present, is the starting point for the design of the urban furniture for the place.
At the heart of my model is an element of classic brick building, namely the relieving arch, but now used in an entirely new context - to form a three-dimensional bench. At different places in the area I've outlined variations of the furniture.

The outline proposal is not actualized.

Forside til skitseforslag

Take a look at the outline proposals here

variation af bymøbel

variation af bymøbel

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