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head of snake

Stone snake

Brumleby, Copenhagen, 1996.
Completed in connection with the renovation of Brumleby , for The Urban Renewal Company Denmark, in cooperation with Gehrdt Bornebusch Architects and landscape architect Lone van Deurs
The stone serpent is a composition in fieldstones, selected for size and shape. Head and tail stone and special stones in the sequence are worked, snake scales have been carved and the prepared sites have been sanded and polished.
The stone serpent shows the snake's movement, paused at a moment in time. At first it makes some major turns, where it also rises in height. These fluctuations decrease, finally to "settle down" at the tail, which disappears into the ground.
It meanders through one of the long, narrow lawns n Brumleby as a universal ornament, a piece of furniture for both children and adults.

In collaboration with Rudi Larsen masonry


stone snake, Brumleby

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